i have a visitor on my pant leg.. A small 3-4″ lizard. He is not upset or scurrying around. Just hanging out. I look at it as a good sign. Living creatures ae not afraid of me. Thats nice. He is forcing me to be more concious is my steps, in my overall perioperception. Don’t want to hurt the tiny creature who is doing me no harm. He has inspred me to meditate. He has has inspired more peacefullnes. He reminded me or the “Radiate Peacefullness” meditation. Radiate Peacefullness for one minute every day. So I did it. Nice.

There are many “visitors” all over and in me. Billions. Tiny, tiny organisms, many are helpfull, many are bad. All are part of “Me”. I like my pants leg buddy. He is showing me we can and aleady do co-exist. This is a peacefull reminder. Yes if he was eight feet long he might eye me as a food source and if I was starving I might look at him the same. Happily this is not the case. It is a good demonstration of “Power”. The larger animus chooses not to disturb the smaller. There is no gain in it. Everything is already balanced. A poetic way to say this is ride the axis and watch the world whilrl around itself. Or, ” just sit and watch the river flow”.

Many visitors have rights, many do not. The ones that came here to destroy me have no rights. The ones that are here to help get what they need to florish. Not what I think they need but what they actually need. They may not be able to communicate what those exact needs are. I may have to figure it out useing the tools of observation over time analysis. Useing the scientific method of course.
What they are capable of is if a nutrient/tool becomes available to them in their immeadite enviroment they will “grab” it and put it to use immeadiatlley. Much more straightforward. we look for balances when we are doing well so that when we are not doing well we can see the balances more clearly.
This is part of the Healing and Wellness Management protocols.

My little friend is still here. it is all good. He will go when he wnts/needs to. An inspration of the desert kind.