If you are not having fun, fun is having you

They ony thing you need is to keep growing

Now is then

Growth is the only habit you need

Now is when

The bg questn: are you walkng the pavlovian dog?

Or : How do you walk your pavlonian dog ?

Wehumansaremuchbetteratknowing whats goodforusthanthosecrazycorporatipbns

We humans are much better at knowing what is good for us than those crazy corporations

Complex problems reveal their simplicity through repetion

Be there now

Its the way you touch the world that counts

Its not me that matters  its my opinion

Ideas last, words that convey ideas last

Know harmony know love

Many theroies are right for the wrong reasons -pietro

Do not listen to the words, listen to the meaning

All power structures fail once they move away from direct relation to the idividual and move towards falsity. False-ity

Arelationship is you and me alone in a room

Never make fun of an other mans addiction

Never make fun of an others blindness – its not kind

Be consiously kind and considerate

Its not me that survives its my opinion

Women believe that they have the right to upgrade their mate at any time

Loyalty is not bought it is stolen

For the most part loyalty is temporary

First we are food, then we are oil, and then we are diamonds

Infinity is endless therfore all containment fields must fail. The only functional containment field is one that is in distant proximity

Low power to be functional has to be very clean at both the start and the finish points

When dealing with other humans the most important tool is patience

Waste not want not walk alot

Every body has a pet jesus

We all walk the pavlovian dog

People are like snowflakes. They are all basically the same but individually different

What holds true for one as a functional reality may not be true for an other

Uze emperical testing to discern ones own limitations

Or a situations limitions

It is a human falacy to look for a single unifying concept

What allows this reality to be percievied is the collision of several realities, some percieved and some not.

Personal power is a condioned affect

Emotions live in fiction

(they have a narrative but not a particukar allegence to the truth) help from mr

There is you and me and me and me

You know the

Truth int the first 10 seconds and then you go into denial


What are we food? And then oil? And then dimonds? And then?

Mff says: dance to the music

I asked him once : do you have a religion? Physics, he replied

Frank lloyd Wright said that he spelled god N A T U R E

It is easy to forgive and almost impossible to forget

The best thing qbout trusting some one is that you know they will betray you

The most important abstract philosophy is the commitment to action

People are like snow flakes they are all supposed to be the same but it turns out that ech one is difffernt. People and snow flakes each belong to their own phylums (phylus?)

Multi dimentionality is about varying degrees of contrast

Math is plastic: its strongest suit is description , its second imagination.

The history of humanity is to muddle along towards civility

Q: is it wrought or wrong?

There is a chosen path and there is the path of least resistance. In the end least resistance wins.

Naming is arbitrary its effect is not.

When you dance you are doing the largest human movement as an individual to be in tune with the cosmos

Physical existence is entropic

Entropy envelope me

If you are forced to lay your cards down it is best to leave the table first

What do people want to hear? They want to hear that that thwir own particular take on things is correct.

Mffs girl friend always says: ease me

the final word is no word at all. it is action

The human flaw is carelessnes. ( to put oneself above another shows a total lack for the well being of aother particulary because it seems so many times to be an arbitrary move or decistion, we dont care for one another ) ah free will is it just us reflecting natures natural ambivalence towards all her creations. Mountains fall, bugs get stepped on, natural disasters occur, randomness abounds

You got mind you got body you got art

Listen to the meaning not the words

Breathe happy

Dont disturb an others delusion unless it threatens life an limb

Not everthing is all one they are differing dimentional perspectives

Truth and justification are rarely in close juxtaposion

Truth and justification are rarelly in agreement

What are we ? Food ? In most cases yes